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May 29 2014


Biero Bar, Melbourne, Australia - Review

Sometimes in Melbourne you get to go through the delight of walking down an apparently empty alley and discovering a fresh little drinking destination to explore. That is the case with Biero Bar, located on the Williams Street side of Little Lonsdale, to the average eye it's simply a hole in the world, however to those adventurous enough to pop in, it's really a sophisticated bar. - melbourne lighting

Biero might only be a little bar, however it accocunts for because of it greatly, providing Melbourne drinkers using a unique atmosphere, big open bar plus a homely feeling. The front room is how a lot of the drinking gets done, decked out in glamorous sophistication; this red brick room is softened with big leather couches, delicate chandeliers and delicate lighting. If someone makes it towards the rear room, you'll seem like you've walked in to a barn about the prairie, detailed with relaxing vibe and homely comfort. Addititionally there is an intimate oasis for anyone brave enough to try.

When 5 O'clock Friday comes around, this area is littered with suits and also the atmosphere is friendly. An excellent place to select yourself up a fox or cougar or in addition to this enjoy a drink having a elderly crowd.

To accompany this old crowd comes an attractive tapas and finger food menu, oozing class and distinction, try the Fritto Misto (lightly fried cuttlefish, white bait and college prawns coated in brewdog dogma beer batter) to blow the flavors buds. After which wash it down with Biero Bar's signature set of beer. You will not be capable of snag yourself a CC and dry but you will be able to experience the best beers the market provides, having a range of independent and niche brews, Biero Bar has it all. There is also to experience bottled beer on tap, making use of their new super exclusive technology. When you would like to get the flavour buds watering and educate your drinking a little, conclude Biero Bar. - melbourne lighting

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